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A Technology Geek's Dream -
The Motorola Razr?

Motorola has now produced the latest version of the Razr which seems to have taken the cell phone market by storm. Not only does the V3x have the same svelte like look of the original Razr, but also comes with a large amount of extras that any technology geek will want.

Although the V3x is provided with all the normal features of the original Razr, it now has included with it real time 2 way video calling along with SCREEN3. This is an innovative system that gives you zero click access to all the news, sport, entertainment and many other premium content sites directly from your phones home screen. No longer do you need to push buttons or connect to browsers to launch SCREEN3. This new services allows you to have fresh content and information at your fingertips. As well as this service the V3x also includes a 2 mega pixel camera with a removable memory card and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Although the 2 mega pixel camera is a standard feature of the Razr the one now provided with the V3x allows you to capture both still and moving images and as the added benefit of being able to carry out 2 way video calling. You are also able to edit and manipulate images that you have on your camera and share them with others through MMS (Multimedia Message Service).

If you choose a V3x you are looking at the chance of being able to streamline all the information that you are receiving on a daily basis, which will help to make your life a lot easier to manage. Then with the added benefit of having Bluetooth connectivity on your cell phone it provides you with the convenience of being able to do a lot of tasks hands free, especially with the increased availability of Bluetooth accessories.

Finally the other things that any techno geek may find useful with this phone is the ability for being able to download media files of all sorts and viewing them almost instantaneously, and because of the addition of the memory card they could even be saved and viewed at a later time. But even if that isn’t enough for those hardcore techno geeks then the 3D graphics on the V3x will make all other screens seem obsolete and certainly make games playing more entertaining. Finally, if they really want the ultimate accessory with this phone, then they have the added option of having 512 megabytes of removal memory which they can use to download and store music on as well as games and videos at any time of day or night.

The Razr V3x the ultimate present for the techno geek in your life.

Allison Thompson webmaster of this and several other sites after becoming a work at home mum who now lives in Spain. If you should require any further information please go to http://www.razrlife.info/.

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